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C#: How to Use SDK to Convert Document and Image Using XDoc.Converter

Supports: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Tiff, Dicom, and 100+ Image Formats

Fully written in managed C# code, RasterEdge XDoc.Converter for .NET can be quickly integrated into C# .NET Windows Forms and ASP.NET web applications. This mature SDK is capable of converting various types of documents and images to PDF, Tiff, Word, SVG, and raster images (such as Jpeg, Png, Bmp and Gif) with customized options. Rendering and converting among supported file formats can be completed at fast speed and with high quality.

Major Features

Add fast documents and images conversion functionality into C# .NET programming with easy integration

Enable C# developer to convert documents into images, supporting single page and all pages conversion (image resolution should be defined)

Support file conversion from one document file to another document types with original size

Easy to render and covnert image files to document files with user-defined size

Support converting an image file to another image types, allowing image resolution adjustment

Sample Code

Here's a snippet of sample code for converting Tiff to PDF file using XDoc.Converter for .NET in C# .NET program. Six DLL assemblies should be added as project references.






















String inputPdf = @"C:\demo.pdf";
String outputTif = @"C:\output.tif";
DocumentConverter.ToDocument(inputPdf, outputTif, FileType.DOC_TIFF);

How To List

Install, Deploy and Distribute SDK

1. System requirements

2. Install converter SDK into Visual Studio

3. Deploy converter SDK into IIS server

4. Distribute converter SDK with your Windows application

Quick to Start

Now, let's start to test well-compiled document conversion functionality of XDoc.Converer in C# programming. Here, you will be guided to create a console application and convert PDF document to Tiff file.

Basic SDK Concept

1. Enumerations: FileType, ConvertResult, and FitToPageMode

2. Classes: BaseSave Option, ImageSaveOption, and DocumentSaveOption

Convert to PDF File

Conversions to PDF from Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Tiff, Dicom, and common raster images are supported by our .NET OCR SDK. C# demo code is offered on this page for quick evaluation.

Convert to Word from PDF

If you need to convert PDF document to Word in C# .NET application, click to see this online tutorial. An example of PDF to Word conversion is provided.

Convert to Tiff File

This online C# tutorial will tell you how to implement conversion to Tiff file from PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Dicom, and raster images.

Convert to Raster Images

You may use our converter SDK to easily convert PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Tiff, and Dicom files to raster images like Jpeg, Png, Bmp and Gif.