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ASP.NET Dicom Document Viewer
C# ASP.NET Control: view, annotate, redact, convert Dicom imaging files online

Using C# Dicom Document Viewer component to view dicom (dcm) files in ASP.NET web projects, including Web Forms, Ajax, MVC, Azure


Dicom (known as Digital imaging and Communications in Medicine) is an international standard (ISO 12052) respective to medical imaging and its related workflow & data management. RasterEdge XDoc. HTML5 Viewer for C# .NET provide users abilities of loading and viewing Dicom image, converting Dicom file and annotating Dicom. This page will let you know:

Methods of loading Dicom file supported by RasterEdge XDoc. HTML5 Viewer

RasterEdge XDoc. HTML5 Viewer supported Dicom image conversions

Dicom annotation actions allowed to be performed with RasterEdge XDoc. HTML5 Viewer for C# .NET

RasterEdge XDoc. HTML5 Viewer for C# .NET enable users to create signature for Dicom image

Dicom File Formats

    C#.NET RasterEdge HTML5 Viewer supported Dicom file formats is DCM.

Loading & Viewing

    With RasterEdge XDoc. HTML5 Viewer for C# .NET, users are able to upload Dicom image from computer directly, load Dicom from stream or load Dicom from byte array.

    When use RasterEdge XDoc. HTML5 Viewer for C# .NET viewing Dicom, users can set default zoom level and select to zoom in or zoom out dicom while in viewing.

    Users can change Dicom image orientation by using Dicom image rotation button.

Dicom Conversion

    RasterEdge XDoc. HTML5 Viewer for C# .NET allows users to convert Dicom file online. Users can convert Dicom image to PDF (.pdf) online and convert Dicom image to Tiff image (.tif, .tiff) online.

Dicom Annotation

    RasterEdge XDoc. HTML5 Viewer for C# .NET empower users the ability of edit annotations on Dicom file. Users can add text annotations to Dicom, draw freehand annotations on Dicom image or load a saved annotation comments to Dicom.

    Users are able to remove created annotations from Dicom.

    Users can save annotations to Dicom after editing.

Dicom Protection

    Similar to other documents and images, Dicom is also allowed to be added signatures. RasterEdge XDoc. HTML5 Viewer for C# .NET provide several utility signature buttons, which can help users to add text signatures to Dicom, add freehand signature, insert date signature and so on.

    Signature deletion button is also provided for deleting signatures.

    All modified signatures can be saved to Dicom.

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To view, convert, annotate Dicom files in .NET application, please refer to XDoc.Dicom SDK for .NET overview.

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