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How to Install, Deploy and Distribute RasterEdge XDoc.HTML5 Viewer for .NET

Overview of .NET Imaging Web Viewer in C#

RasterEdge XDoc.HTML5 Viewer provides comprehensive and powerful APIs for C# developers to view, edit, annotate and process various image and document formats in commonly used modern browsers, such as IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

This C#.NET Web Document Imaging Viewer SDK is easy to be installed and integrated into Microsoft .NET Framework applications. Following guidance is provided for C# developers to install, deploy and distribute Web Document Imaging Viewer SDK in an easy way.

C#: Install XDoc.HTML5 Viewer

There's no need for installation of our HTML5 Viewer SDK. You may directly download product package online and then unzip it to use in your C# ASP.NET web application. You may click here to learn how to start with XDoc.HTML5 Viewer in C# project.

C#: Deploy Your Project on IIS

After downloading the latest version of XDoc.HTML5 Viewer, you can build your own web by following steps below.

Unzip the download package and you can find a project named ReasterEdgeWebViewer in the "Demo projects" folder, which is used for testing.

Copy corresponding DLLs (x86 or x64) in the download package to the bin folder of the test project.

Note: some versions of Visual Studio use a 32-bit internal server. If that is the case, please add x86 version of RasterEdge.Xdoc.HTML5Viewer.dll in your web project. After debugging, you may optionally use x86 or x64 version WebViewer dll to run your project on real IIS Server. For example, if your computer is x64, you can set "Enable 32-Bit Applications" to true or false in corresponding Application pool (True: x86; False: x64).

After adding relative dlls, you can deploy your project to IIS server.

  Open Internet Information Services Manager;

  Right-click "Sites" and select "Add Web Site";

  According to your situation, set "Site name", and set "Physical path" to the place where you store WebViewerDemo. Last, set "Port" that monitors the C#.NET web application;

  Click ok to complete deploy your C# project;

  Configure Application Pools based on DLLs copied. Here, we take x64 Win7 IIS as an example. If the copied DLLs are for x86 platform, you may set accordingly: click "Application Pools" -> "Set Application Pool Defaults" -> "Enable 32-Bits Applications"; set to true for x86 DLLs or false for x64 DLLs.

  Double-click on "Default Document" option, and check if there is a "default.aspx" item. If not, add this item through "Add" on the right.

C#: Distribute Your Project

After deployment, to check whether HTML Viewer SDK is distributed with your C# application or not, you may directly access http://localhost:port. If there is the viewer demo, it is successfully deployed.