EdgeDoc: ASP.NET Document Viewer Control
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ASP.NET Html Document Viewer
Redact document ASP.NET: add, delete, apply redaction on PDF files in web browser using C#.net

How to add, edit, apply document content redaction in asp.net using C#

Redaction: Apply text, image redactions for Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Tiff, TXT, Jpeg, png, gif, bitmap images in ASP.NET

Text redact: Easy to select text, and apply redaction from document in web browser

Text and Image redact: Simple to drag an area inside the document, and apply text and image content redaction for the selected area online

Multiple area redact: Drag an area, and apply redaction to selected pages with the same selected area location in ASP.NET

Page redact: Apply multiple selected pages redaction in asp.net using C#

Export redacted document: Support exporting redacted documents to Adobe PDF, Tiff, Jpeg, png, bitmap images online.

EdgeDoc ASP.NET Document Viewer control provides C# programmers with various kinds of redaction tools on toolbar.

Redaction Default Setting

In file "RasterEdge_WebApp.js"

     redactAnnoStyle = new AnnoStyle({ 
		FillColor: "#000000", 
		MarkOutlineColor: "#FF0000", 
		MarkFillColor: "#FF0000", 
		Transparency: 0.3 ,