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Tell C# Users How to Set HTML5 Document Viewer Width and Height

Besides online tutorial for creating a web document viewer in your C# application and opening file on viewer to view and process, we also provide online C# guide for how to do more advanced settings for better performance in using XDoc.HTML5 Viewer for .NET. On this page, we will focus on document viewer width and height setting.

C# How to: Document Viewer Width & Height Setting

C# users can set and change the width and height of web document viewer. Simple to implement, directly change the corresponding attribute values of viewer object in Default.aspx page. One thing should be noticed here. Adjusted width and height is actually for re_container, including re_func_toolbar and re_content.

_viewerWidth: A float number representing the width of REWebViewer control in pixel.

_viewerHeight: A float number representing the height of REWebViewer control in pixel.

Following is the default setting of RasterEdge XDoc.HTML Viewer SDK for .NET.

_viewer = new RasterEdgeViewer({
        _viewerWidth: 1024,
        _viewerHeight: 730,