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How to C#: Overview of Using XImage.Raster

Overview for How to Use XImage.Raster in C# .NET Programming Project

RasterEdge XImage.Raster is totally compatible with Visual C# programming language, thus can be fully used in your C# application and empower your application with advanced over 100 image formats manipulating and processing features. Generally speaking, you can use this .NET document imaging SDK to load, create, edit, annotate and compress image.

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Features List

Simply integrate into Visual C# project, supporting easy deployment and distribution

Rapidly load, create, and edit XImage object in C# class library

Able to render and convert image(s) document to/from supported document and image(s)

Empower to navigate image(s) content quickly via thumbnail

Able to support text extract with OCR

Perform annotation capabilities to mark, draw, and visualize objects on image document page

Provide convenient control help create WinForms application fast

Provide complete color manage

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How To Tutorials

Install, Deploy and Distribute

This page describes how to install XImage.Raster for .NET, how to deploy to IIS on Windows Servers, and how to distribute with your Windows applications.

Quick to Start

You may have a quick evaluation of XImage.Raster in C# programming. Follow this guide to create a console application and use C# sample code to have a quick test. OR create a WinForms Viewer.

Basic SDK Concept

Refer to this C# tutorial and see detailed introductions to classes and API references of XImage.Raster for .NET, like RasterImage and ImageProcess.

Formats Supported

See this C# guide to learn the image formats supported by using XImage,Raster.

Create and Edit XImage

Tell C# users how to: create a new image file and load image from supported image format file(s); merge, append, and split multiple frames images; insert, delete, move, rotate, copy and paste multiple frames image file page.

Scan XImage Text

By using XImage.Raster for .NET, you can rapidly scan the text and get the information on image(s).

Image Access and Modify

See this C# guide to learn how to use RasterEdge XImage SDK for .NET to edit the image file Metadata, Color Palette and modify the compression method.

XImage Conversion

XImage.Raster SDK for .NET empowers C# developers to implement fast and high quality image(s) conversions to or from multiple supported images and documents.

Process XImage

By using XImage.Raster for .NET, your C# .NET application will have the ability of processing images contained in image file. Please click to see details.

Tiff Edit

See this C# guide to learn how to use RasterEdge XDoc.TIFF for .NET to perform quick file navigation. You may edit the tiff document easily.

Create Thumbnail

See this C# guide to learn how to use RasterEdge XImage SDK for .NET to perform quick file navigation. You may easily generate thumbnail image from image file.

Annotate XImage page

Various annotation objects can be drawn and added to a specific location on image(s) file page.

Image Save

See this C# guide to learn how to use RasterEdge XImage SDK for .NET to perform quick file navigation. You may easily generate thumbnail image from image file.