ASP.NET MVC PDF Viewer Control
How to open, display, preview, view PDF file online in web browser using ASP.NET PDF Viewer control in C# for Azure

Read, view, navigate, explore PDF document online in browser in C# ASP.NET framework, Core, MVC web application for Azure.

Read, preview, view, explore an existing PDF content online in browser using C# ASP.NET is an easy task. EdgePDF provides several methods to accomplish the task.

How to preview, view, navigate PDF file content in mvc web app on Azure

  1. Download EdgePDF ASP.NET PDF Viewer web control
  2. Install C# library demo project in Visual Studio .NET
  3. Step by step tutorial

EdgePDF is an ASP.NET PDF Viewer control, which will help you to create an ASP.NET Core or framework web application and allow web users to open, preview, view, navigate PDF content online in web browser. It is easy to deploy to Microsoft Azure web service.

  • Support easy implementation in Visual Studio 2005 and greater versions
  • Use latest HTML5 technology, based on JavaScript
  • Managed codes written in ASP.NET and C#, providing advanced C# document viewer features
  • Easy to integrate into your own C# ASP.NET web applications
  • Seamlessly compatible with any modern web browsers
  • Once installed on Windows compatible server, no additional add-ins are needed in client side
  • Provide user-friendly sample interface with shape based function buttons
  • Flexible document file navigation with thumbnail preview support
  • High fidelity viewing of TIFF, PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Dicom, and images
  • Quick to switch mode of view between raster images or vector images, like SVG
  • Annotate and redact on web document and image, collaboration with ease
  • Allow saving document and image annotations in fin native file format
  • Support reliable document conversion and printing in C# ASP.NET web viewer, like office document to PDF or TIFF file

1. View PDF content in browser

In EdgePDF enabled ASP.NET Core and framework web applications, the web users can view, navigate, zoom PDF documents online using web browser. EdgePDF provides several tools for users to view the PDF document page content.

2. Navigate PDF pages

Using EdgePDF, you can view, explore a PDF document content in web browser, and move forward through multiple pages, view different parts of the PDF page with different magnification. You can use several ways to navigate, hare are the common used methods:

3. Adjust PDF views

You can easily change, modify the PDF page view magnification to change the content viewing area in your ASP.NET, MVC web application with ASP.NET PDF Viewer control integrated.

4. Search and view search results in PDF

Using EdgePDF ASP.NET PDF Viewer control, your web users can easily run text searches on a PDF file in web browser using Text Search panel in navigation pane in your ASP.NET web app.