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C# PDF Form Parser Library
How to add form field, fill, populate, parse form data using C# .net

Full featured C# sample source code for merging and combining PDF files in Visual C#.NET Program. Free Online Trial Download.

  • High quality C# PDF library for AcroForm editing in Visual Studio .NET framework applications
  • An advanced PDF form maker allows users to create editable PDF form in C#.NET
  • Able to retrieve all form fields from adobe PDF file in C#.NET
  • Free online C# sample code can help users to fill in PDF form field automatically in .NET
  • Free trial SDK package for .NET developers to implement Acro-Form field insert, delete, field data fillin, read features in ASP.NET webforms, ajax, Winforms, WPF, Azure projects

About PDF forms

PDF forms, known as AcroForm or Interactive form, is a collection of fields for gathering information interactively from the PDF user.

A PDF document may contain any number of fields appearing on any combination of pages, all of which make up a single, global interactive form spanning the entire document.

You can use XDoc.PDF SDK to process forms with the following methods:

  1. Read, collect PDF form data
  2. Fill in PDF forms
  3. Update, remove form data
  4. Add, insert form fields to the pdf document
  5. Update, delete form fields

Form field types

Interactive forms support the following field types:

  1. Button fields represent interactive controls on the screen that the user can manipulate with the mouse. They include pushbuttons, check boxes, and radio buttons.
  2. Text fields are boxes or spaces in which the user can enter text from the keyboard.
  3. Choice fields contain several text items, at most one of which may be selected as the field value. They include scrollable list boxes and combo boxes.
  4. Signature fields represent electronic signatures for authenticating the identity of a user and the validity of the document's contents.

Adobe PDF AcroForm fields and data processing using C# source code

  1. Read, collect AcroForm data: Read, extract all AcroForm field data using C#. Easy and quick to collect all field data on the pdf document.

  2. Fill in PDF forms: Using C# to fill in field data on pdf document. Free C# sample code included.

  3. Add, delete, update form fields: Quick to insert dynamic form fields to the pdf document, and easy to delete existing fields from the pdf file in C#.