Using ASP.NET PDF Web Viewer Control
How to manage user PDF document open request information in EdgePDF using C#

How to store, retrive user file opening information in EdgePDF during document viewing, saving

Store user request parameter values

When a web user opens a PDF document through web url in EdgePDF, all of the url parameters' names and values will be stored in file upinfo.xml in folder ufor.

For example, the open URL is http://localhost:2345/?yourtarget=demo_1.pdf;abc=1;def=hello;xyz=true

In file upinfo.xml, it will store the following data content

  <p key="yourtarget">demo_1.pdf</p>
  <p key="abc">1</p>
  <p key="def">hello</p>
  <p key="xyz">true</p>
  <p key="timestamp">1664333277230</p>
  <p key="add">newfile</p>

Note: the last two parameters are added by the EdgePDF.

Retrive the request parameters' values during document saving

You can retrive all of these parameters' values when a web user wants to save, export the modified PDF document in method SaveFile_OnServer in file UserCommandProcessHandler.ashx

Here are the sample source code:

//  Get the upload information of the file
RasterEdge.WDP.DocUploadInfo docinfo = RasterEdge.WDP.Manager.FileManager.getUploadinfoByFid(fid);
//  Get your file open url parameters value, if needed.
String paraFilepathValue = docinfo.GetRequestParameters("yourtarget");