Best ASP.NET PDF Reader Control
How to open, create, display, view, navigate PDF file pages in mvc in iframe, div, partial view, aspx using C# PDF Viewer

How to turn, navigate pages inside a PDF document using EdgePDF

In this user guide, you learn how to navigate a pdf document content in web browser. All features listed on the page are already included in EdgePDF (ASP.NET PDF Viewer & Editor control). The web user can easily navigate a PDF document content online by the following actions

  • Next and previous button
  • Jump to a specific PDF page
  • Jump to a thumbnail page
  • Go to a bookmark page
  • Navigate to a text searched result
  • Click a web link inside the PDF document

How to view, navigate PDF document content in web browser in your ASP.NET web app

Using EdgePDF, you can view a PDF file in web browser, and move forward through multiple pages, view different parts of the PDF page with different magnification. You can use several ways to navigate, hare are the common used methods:

Next and Previous: The Next Page, Previous Page, First Page, and the Last Page buttons appear in the View toolbar.
Scroll bar: Vertical and horizontal scroll bars appre to the right and bottom of the document content pane, when the view does not display the whole document. To view other areas of the page, drag the page.
Page select bar: quick to jump to view other pages
Zoom toolbar: change the page magnification
Page thumbnails panel: it is on the left side of the document content pane. The thumbnails panel displays all thumbnail images of each page. Click a thumbnail to jump to the specific page.
Document bookmark panel: It is on the left side of the document content pane. If the PDF file contains bookmark data, click a bookmark to jump to the target page
Text search panel: It is on the left side of the document content pane. You can search text on the whole pdf document, and click a search result to navigate to that page.
Link navigate: The PDF document may contain links to other pages of the same document. Move mouse over the link, right click it, and click menu "Open Link" and jump to the page.

Display PDF file, move through a PDF document

Choose one of the following ways:
Click the Next Page or Previous Page button in the View toolbar
Choose View > Go To, and select a target page

Jump to thumbnail pages in pdf viewer partial view

Page thumbnails provide previews of the whole document pages. You can open and view the thumbnails in the Page Thumbnails panel.
Click Page Thumnails button on the top left bar
Click a thumnail to jump to the page

How to jump to bookmarked pages

Bookmarks provide a table of contents of a PDF document. If a PDF document has bookmark data, you can open and view in the navigation pane.
Click Bookmarks button on the top left bar
Click a bookmark, and jump to the target topic page.

Navigate pdf file with text searched results in mvc pdf reader

You can do search text on the whole PDF document. And jump to the search result.
Click Text Search button on the top left bar
Input text and search it on the whole PDF document
Click a search result, and jump to the target page

Navigate with links in mvc pdf viewer using c# pdf reader control

Links inside PDF document can take you to other location in the same pdf document.
Move the mouse over the link
Right click the link
Click "Open Link" from the popup menu