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EdgePDF setttings in web.config

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About web.config appSettings

In EdgePDF web project Web.Config file, you can find list of property settings, which will affect how EdgePDF render, display a PDF file in web browser. You can view the list of settings below.

Property settings in web.config

  1. reCacheFolder: Specify the location of cache folder. Please use the relative path with your web application.
    Grant user "IIS_IUSRS" full control permission to this folder, where EdgePDF will generate cache files.
  2. reResourceFolder: the resource folder (js, image, css)
  3. reDefaultFolder: set the server folder if you want to open the file on server
  4. reDefaultFilePath: set the default file when open the web first time, if set "" , this function is disabled. (reDefaultFolder needed)
  5. rePageImageZoom: Default is 2. If a PDF document page will be rendered into one image file, this setting will decide page image zooming value.
  6. reImageZoom: Default is 2. Zooming value for all images inside PDF document pages
  7. reAnnotationImageZoom: Image annotation in PDF document
  8. reOutputLogData: Output log data file. Default is false.
  9. reIntelliDrawShapesToImage: If SDK find too many shapes and paths inside one PDF page, SDK will automatically convert the whole PDF page into a single image. Default is false.
  10. reIntelliDrawShapesToImageSupportBrowsers: if reIntelliDrawShapesToImage is true, Valid values: "all", "firefox", "chrome", "ie", "edge", "salari", "others" If "all" included, ignore the rest; Default is "firefox, ie"
  11. reDocRenderEngine: Set the type of the show page. Valid values: html, svg, png Default: svg