MVC PDF Viewer Control Component
C#: how to display, view PDF file, customize ASP.NET MVC PDF viewer component UI in web application

Online Guide for customizing ASP.NET PDF Viewer & Editor using C#, html, javascript

Web viewer width and height settings

It is easy to define Editor width and height with absolute size or relative site.

Editor width and height with absolute size:

<div style="width: 1200px; height: 800px;">
        <iframe name="edgepdf" src=" http://localhost" style="width: 100%; height: 100%"></iframe>

Editor width and height with relative size:
<div style="width: 90%; height:600px;">
        <iframe name="edgepdf" src="http://localhost" style="width: 100%; height: 90%"></iframe>

Web viewer startup form view

By default, when editor starts, it will display a form with several tabs to allow users to

  • upload a pdf file
  • upload and convert other files to pdf
  • open an online pdf file
  • combine multiple files to pdf document

Sometimes, you do NOT ALLOW users to upload their own files. You can change editor startup status to "NOFILE".

In {EdgePDF Demo Project}/ RasterEdge_Resource_Files/Javascript/RasterEdge_WebApp.js, Go to function setDialog, change value to "NOFILE".

You can also remove certain tabs in the startup form:
In {EdgePDF Demo Project}/ RasterEdge_Resource_Files/Javascript/RasterEdge_WebApp.js,

Web viewer HTML page title

By default, Web Editor html page title will show current displayed document file name. You can disable this feature.

In {EdgePDF Demo Project}/ RasterEdge_Resource_Files/Javascript/RasterEdge_WebApp.js
Go to function setWebTitle, use the following JS code:

true: it will show current displayed document file name.
false: it will not.

setWebTitle("EdgePDF Editor: online view, comment, redact, edit, convert PDF documents.", true);

Define your own web viewer toolbar and commands

It is really easy to define your own toolbar and commands. Navigate to {EdgePDF Demo Project}/ RasterEdge_Resource_Files/Javascript/RasterEdge_WebApp.js.
All toolbar, command, command groups are defined in this file. You can delete, re-order any of them.