ASP.NET PDF Viewer Control
How to open, display, view, show, navigate Adobe PDF file online using C# ASP.NET MVC component. Free Download.

Easy to upload, open, view, display, show, generate, redact, text extract and search on pdf file content using c# pdf viewer control on web browser

In this guide, you learn how to view, navigate, preview a PDF document in EdgePDF web app.

How to open, view PDF file through web browser in web app

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  • Compatible with all Windows systems and supports .NET Framework 3.5 & higher versions
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  • C#.NET Users can view PDF document in single page or continue pages
  • Able to load PDF document from local/remote file system, from byte array, and stream object.
  • Able to go to any page by using page go to button
  • Support to zoom in and zoom out PDF page
  • Able to select PDF document scaling
  • Ability to show PDF page thumbnails for quick navigation
  • Able to read, load pdf file and open in a new web browser tab window, or embed pdf document viewer in div or iframe
  • A .NET control easy to search PDF text in whole PDF document

Viewing PDF document in ASP.NET web application

In EdgePDF enabled ASP.NET web projects, the users can view, navigate, zoom PDF documents online using web browser. EdgePDF provides several tools for users to view the PDF document page content.

  • Hand Tool: Enables you to drag the page content, and view other pages or different areas of the page.
  • Select Tools: Allows you to select the text contents on the PDF page, and copy, paste to other Text Editor software, such as Microsoft Office Word. To do it, you need select some text, and press "Ctrl" + C, open the word document, and press "Ctrl" + V.
  • Single Page Tool: Displays one page at a time, with no portion on other pages visible.
  • Continuous Page Tool: Displays pages in a continuous vertical column that is one page wide.

Opening pages in a PDF document

  • Go To bar: The Go To bar includes several buttons, Next Page, Previous Page, First Page, Last Page. The dropdown list allows you to select a specified page, and go directly to that page.
  • Page scroll bar: Horizontal and vertical scroll bars appear to the right and bottom of the document pane, if the document pane does not show the entire PDF document content. To view other PDF pages or different areas of the page, click the scroll bar arrows.
  • Page Thumbnails panel: The Page Thumbnails button on the left side of the navigation pane, displays thumbnail images of each PDF page. To open that page in the document pane, click a page thumbnail.

View, read page through a PDF document in EdgePDF ASP.NET PDF Viewer

  • Move through a PDF: use Go To bar to move to the next/previous page. Or click the First/Last page button to jump to the first or last page of the PDF document.
  • Jump to a specific page: Select a specified page in the dropdown list in the Go To bar to jump to the page quickly.
  • Jump to bookmarked pages: The bookmark pane on the left side displays PDF document table of contents and ususally it represent the chapters and sections in a PDF document. You can click a bookmark to jump to a topic.
  • Use page thumbnails to jump to specific pages: The thumbnails pane on the left side of the document pane, provide miniature previews of PDF document pages You can use thumbnails in the Page Thumbnails panel to go to the specified page.
  • Navigate with links: Links can take you to other website page. EdgePDF right now supports web page links only. You can move the mouse over the link, right click the link. Click the popup menu "Open Link", a new web browser Windows will be opened, and navigated to the link destination.
  • Navigate with text search results: The text search pane is on the left side of the document pane. You can key-in the search terms, and search to find specific items in the PDF document. It supports several options during text search:
    1. Regular expressions: allows you to input search terms with regular expressions.
    2. Ignore case: the search results will ignore the search terms' capitalization.
    3. Whole word: finds only occurrences of the complete word you searched.
  • Navigate with annotations and comments: The annotation and comments pane is on the right side of the document pane. Click an annotation to jump to the page area with the annotation.