C# TIFF Image Library
Read & Edit Tiff File in C#

Use C#.NET Tiff Reading and Editing Control to Process & Manipulate TIFF File

C#.NET TIFF Processing & Reading Control

Tagged Image File Format (known as TIFF) is a bitmapped and lossless image format, which is often used to store large but high-quality images. Besides, a multi-page TIFF file may contain several images. In order to provide C#.NET developers with advanced and easy to use APIs for TIFF file reading and editing, RasterEdge expressly designs a professional TIFF file processing software development kit (SDK), XDoc.Tiff for .NET, which can help Visual C# programmers manipulate and deal with TIFF file from various aspects.

Features List

Here we list all features supported by RasterEdge C#.NET TIFF file decoder & encoder control SDK.

  • Robust C#.NET SDK that can be used in .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 & 4.5
  • Able to create or load Tiff file from PC local file, byte array and stream using C#.NET
  • Able to save standard Tiff file after manipulation using C#.NET class code
  • Offer rich APIs to process Tiff file and its pages, like merge, append, split, extract, create, insert, rotate, sort, etc.
  • Free to read, write and modify Tiff metadata and color profile in C#.NET application
  • Provide multiple compressing modes to compress Tiff file in C#.NET
  • Capable of annotating Tiff file with various text & graphics annotations
  • Allow programmers to create modern web and windows Tiff viewers in C#.NET
  • Easy to generate image thumbnail or preview for Tiff document at ease
  • Convert Tiff file to bmp, gif, png, jpeg, and scanned PDF with high fidelity in C#
  • Support converting other files to Tiff, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and images
  • Handle large size of Tiff in partition, reducing the resource consumption and enhancing speed performance
  • Enable to add XImage.OCR for .NET into C# Tiff imaging application for characters recognition and extraction
  • Easy to read & decode over 20+ barcodes from Tiff file in C#.NET application by using barcode reader SDK together
  • Free to add standard 1d & 2d barcodes to specified area of Tiff file in C#.NET with the help of barcode generator SDK

Get to Start

// Load from file.
TIFFDocument doc1 = new TIFFDocument("demo1.tif");
if (null == doc1) throw new Exception("Fail to load the file !");

// Load from stream.
using (FileStream stream = File.Open("demo2.tif", FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read))
        TIFFDocument doc2 = new TIFFDocument(stream);
        if (null == doc2)
                throw new Exception("Fail to load TIFF document from the stream.");

How To Tutorials

Install, Deploy and Distribute XDoc.Tiff in C#

1. C# guide: system requirements for using SDK

2. C# guide: install XDoc.Tiff for .NET

3. C# guide: deploy to IIS on Windows Servers

4. C# guide: distribute with your Windows applications

Start Using XDoc.Tiff for .NET in C#

On this page, you will be guided to:

1. How to create a console application using C# programming language

2. How to add and implement Tiff imaging functions in your C# project

Basic SDK Concept for XDoc.Tiff for .NET

1. Classes: TIFFDocument, TIFFPage, TIFFContext, and TIFFMetadata

2. API References: For TIFFDocument, TIFFPage and TIFFContext Classes

Tiff Conversion in C#

Using XDoc.Tiff for .NET SDK, C# users can easily implement conversion among Tiff and other supported images and documents. Most commonly, we provide detailed guide for:

1. Tiff to PDF/Jpeg conversion

2. Word/Excel/PPT/PDF/Jpeg to Tiff conversion

Tiff File Processing in C#

Refer to this online tutorial page, you will see:

1. Create, load, and save Tiff file using C#

2. Merge and append Tiff files using C#

3. Split Tiff document into several files using C#

Tiff Page Editing in C#

1. How to insert pages into Tiff image file

2. How to delete and remove Tiff pages

3. How to sort Tiff file pages

4. How to copy and paste Tiff file pages

5. How to rotate a Tiff file page

6. How to resize a Tiff file page

7. How to extract Tiff pages

Tiff Compression in C#

XDoc.Tiff for .NET provides mature functionality for Tiff file compression in C# programming project.

1. Support Fax, Group4, JPEG, RLE, Zip, LZW, Deflate compression

2. Advance options are provided during Tiff saving operation

Tiff Color Profile Manipulating in C#

By using specific C#.NET APIs, you are able to perform Tiff color profile manipulations.

1. Support embedding, removing, adding and updating ICCProfile

2. Apply ICCProfile when performing color conversions

3. Save Tiff file with color profile

Tiff Text Extraction in C#

On this tutorial, you will get C# programming demos for extracting content from Tiff document. Functions supported include:

1. Extract text from Tiff file

2. Render text to text, PDF, or Word file

Tiff Metadata Editing in C#

Our .NET Tiff SDK supports editing Tiff file metadata. You will see the following aspects on this guide page.

1. What types of metadata are supported

2. What manipulations can you do for Tiff metadata

Tiff Annotation in C#

Various types annotation objects can be added to your loaded Tiff image file in C# application.

1. Learn supported annotation types for Tiff image file

2. Learn how to add and edit Tiff annotation