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PDF VB.NET Conversion Library
How to convert PDF file to MS Office Word document in

VB.NET Tutorial for How to Convert PDF to Word (.docx) Document in VB.NET

In this VB.NET tutorial, you will learn how to convert PDF file to Microsoft Word (.dox) documents programmatically using Visual Basic in .NET Windows, ASP.NET web applications.

  • Convert PDF to Word document
  • Convert scanned PDF to editable Word document using OCR in PDF
  • No 3rd party software installed. Not using interop.
  • Batch conversion in Windows Forms, WPF, Console application optimized

How to Convert a PDF file to Word programmatically using VB.NET

  1. Download XDoc.PDF Word converter VB.NET library
  2. Install VB library to convert Adobe PDF to Word programmatically
  3. Step by Step Tutorial

This VB.NET PDF to Word converter control is a professional and mature .NET solution which aims to convert PDF document to Word (DOC / DOCX) file maintaining original PDF content. As RasterEdge VB.NET PDF to Word converter library has its own PDF decoder, it can finish high-fidelity PDF to Word conversion without depending on other third-party PDF readers or editors.

The PDF to Word converting toolkit is a thread-safe VB.NET PDF to Word converting toolkit that is compatible with .NET Framework 2.0 & above versions. It's 100% managed .NET solution that supports converting each PDF page to Word document file by VB.NET code. All PDF pages can be converted to separate Word files within a short time in VB.NET class application. In addition, texts, pictures and font formatting of source PDF file are accurately retained in converted Word document file.

Why do we need to convert PDF to Word file in VB.NET class application? The main reason for PDF to Word conversion lies in the fact that compared to PDF document format, Word file is much easier for content editing. Therefore, people usually reuse PDF content by outputting its texts and images to Word file.

RasterEdge XDoc.PDF empowers your VB.NET application with advanced PDF to Word conversion functionality. Microsoft Office Word 2003 (.doc), 2007 (.docx, .docm, .dotm, .dotx) and later versions are compatible with this product. Furthermore, if you are a VB.NET programmer, you can go to this Visual C# tutorial for PDF to Word conversion in .NET project.

How to convert PDF to Word (.docx) document programmatically without interop using VB.NET

In order to convert PDF document to Word file using VB.NET programming code, you have to integrate following assemblies into your VB.NET class application by adding reference directly.

This is an example for converting PDF to Word (.docx) file in VB.NET program.

Dim inputFilePath As String = "C:\1.pdf"
Dim doc As PDFDocument = New PDFDocument(inputFilePath)

' output to a DOCX file
Dim outputFilePath2 As String = inputFilePath + ".docx"
doc.ConvertToDocument(DocumentType.DOCX, outputFilePath2)