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Annotate PDF in WPF
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VB.NET PDF - Annotate PDF with WPF PDF Viewer for VB.NET

How to Use VB.NET WPF PDF Viewer to Annotate PDF in VB.NET Program

Look for HTML5 PDF Editor?

EdgePDF: ASP.NET PDF Editor is the best HTML5 PDF Editor and ASP.NET PDF Viewer based on XDoc.PDF, JQuery, HTML5. It supports ASP.NET MVC and WebForms projects.

Best WPF PDF Viewer control as well as an advanced PDF annotating software for Visual Basic .NET project

An advanced PDF annotating tool, which is compatible with all Windows systems and supports .NET Framework 2.0 & above versions

Support to annotate PDF document in .NET WinForms application

Able to Highlight text on PDF in .NET WPF

Able to underline text with straight line or wavy line

Support to strikethrough text on PDF

Support to replace PDF text with a note annotation

Ability to insert a text note after selected text

Allow users to draw varieties of graph annotations on PDF document in .NET, such as straight line, connected lines, irregular shape, oval, rectangle and polygon

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Users can set graph annotation properties, such as fill color, line color and transparency

Support to create a text box annotation to PDF file in .NET project

VB.NET WPF PDF Viewer: Annotate PDF Document

This part will explain the usages of annotation tabs on RasterEdge VB.NET WPF PDF Viewer.

Text Markup Tab





Highlight text

Click to highlight selected PDF text content.


Underline text

Click to underline selected PDF text.


Wavy underline text

Click to add way underline under selected PDF text.


Strikethrough text

Click to strikethrough text on PDF page.


Add note to replace text

Click to create a note to replace selected text.


Insert text note

Click to insert a text note behind selected text on PDF page.

Drawing Tab





Draw line

Click to draw straight line. Line color and transparency can be set by using properties tabs. Right click the mouse to complete drawing.


Draw connected lines

Draw connected lines annotation with the specific line color and transparency properties. Right click the mouse to complete drawing.


Draw irregular shape

Click to draw an irregular shape annotation on PDF document with desired line color and transparency and fill color. Right click the mouse to complete drawing.


Draw oval

Click to draw an oval annotation on PDF document. Line color, transparency and fill color are allowed to be set. Right click the mouse to complete drawing.


Draw rectangle

Click to draw a rectangle annotation on PDF page with custom line color, transparency and fill color. Right click the mouse to complete drawing.


Draw polygon

Draw a polygon annotation. Users can set line color and transparency, as well as fill in this polygon with a selected color. Right click the mouse to complete drawing.

Properties Tab





Fill color

Select the fill color when drawing oval, rectangle, polygon and irregular shape.


Line color

Select the line color when drawing annotations on PDF document.



Click to select the annotation transparency.


Default create

Click to select drawing annotation with default properties.

Other Tab





Text box

Click to add a text box to specific location on PDF page. Line color and fill can be set in properties.